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Since 2008  

I hope you are a new reader. I have had this site going since 2008! I pay for this myself. This was very hot in the guitar community for around six years. Then Life--Family problems/health/the economy kept new walls up to make this site work But today beginning of March 2017-- I am going to put the effort back into this--Your Site and My Site! My past readers and members (which cost's nothing to you) have attempted to hold on through the tough times. So !!  Again as of 2017 March  --We--You and Us are still here . If this is your first experience looking at this I hope you get the point I designed this tho be our site. I will be up dating this site from today. If you have a problem write me "Or" put it on the Forums page. If I make you mad and you want to write to say what a goof I am--GOOD! This is your web site to make a difference. I have to take out a few advertisements to get this site back to 1200 hits a day and/or more. (at my cost).  I probably make less money than you-so this is an honest labor of love about a musical instrument.

Okay From the very first paragraphs here you go and I welcome you! How satisfying to have another person on board.---Here you go from 2008 through 2017 and still to this first paragraph. How cool. Please add your information the the forums page.

 Also during the time this site has been on line we have lost a couple partners/brothers. One was called the blues traveler. He passed on. When I needed someone to light the fires under our readers/members butts I could write him. He would put some idea on the forums page and that page would come alive with members giving their point of view. I really miss his input. We need some of you to take up that huge hole in this sites soul. We will always miss his thoughts and entertaining point of view.

HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TOO KNOW FROM What I started in 2008-- 

I  designed this site to be for "You and me" or just plain "US" ! This is your site or our site. When companies send equipment it is not to the main public but to we the small people. If you have a chance to become a small time popular band-- people will buy what you are using and these companies make a lot of money with your success. If you know how the game works write these companies when they send something for me to check out--Thank them for taking you and this site seriously. If you write them about where you read an honest review you help all of us "Normal" players. In my opinion you should write and say thank you for helping us the regular guitar buying public and giving a "Darn" about us!!! Just the truth !

So here is the first paragraphs:

Please read this !!

The story is better and the guitars are real or fake ?? I am now being given five to ten thousand dollar guitars to work on and this entire site is just you and me--Please go to the forums page to figure out the real truth

. Okay below the real truth from day one

    I give out information and hidden tricks I have learned in the past forty-eight years or so  of playing guitar.  I started this site in 2008. The idea behind this is if you are going to buy equipment how do you get your moneys worth. When you do not have a lot of money to spend--what equipment works for "On The Cheap"  If you are going to spend five grand {more or less} I will try to point you to guitars or guitar equipment that keep their value if not increase in value with age. Over the years I have been lucky finding and buying my fairly extensive collection. Some pieces considered "vintage' which I bought brand new. I guess that makes me archaic. I give my opinion from a point of view that most guitarists have -- From a players point of view. Not a guitar magazines approach. The articles that show how the band struggles to stay together in a half a million dollar coach -- I meant Bus.  I just read how Buck Cherries guitarist survives

 Most of us are what I and a few others call a weekend warrior that has to be at work Monday morning.  In my band we know what a weekend warrior is all about. Mind you we "need these famous players" for any tricks and equipment reviews--plus  new idea's and if at all possible help. Also what manufacturers really understand about the economic woes we have been in and want your business. We still spend money and we still make up the back bone of music industry's income.

Since 2008 very little has changed! Gibson finally figured out the country financially was in trouble and start offering guitars at a more affordable price. They now have raised prices to a rediculas price. Although they have really came out with some pretty guitars that perform like you would expect for the money and a little more in product performance. Company's like Seymour Duncan, EMG, Eastwood Guitars, Dean Markley and  Most of all I wish to thank Teye from TEYE He has always taken the time to reply to any E-mail I have sent with-in a day. That is Class in this business. He has disagreed and then come back to say " I think you might be right." Thank you my on line friend !!! and of course others that have contributed have continued to help because they want your business.  I erased everything on this site that did not sound like I was the common guitar player-- or as I like to call us "The Basement Players" for the guitar community. After working this site with only the money I make in the private sector, I still kept going forward. I am really trying to re-build this site with o9ut upsetting the good manufacturers. I still hold on too what I wrote below** What I believe is still in the paragraph below and I will not let you the readers down. Sounds really corny or fake--but the Emails I have received over the years now have been overly on the main idea of this site. So read below what I wrote  in 2008. In this year of 2016 I do not believe I have gone wrong with what you and I want. ---------------------------------------------------------------- This may become long winded as you read through. Please understand the love of the guitar--the music-"finally playing a song you love". So much work and so much Love Even if you become Good or Suck at it twenty/ forty years later--It is still a lot of fun.---------------------------------------


As for me-

 I started learning guitar in the early 1960's. My first guitar teacher w-qas Rusty Young whom went on to be in POCO!

 POCO -- Rusty Young

I have tried to contact him but to no avail - Good thing. I was probably one of the worst students he every had ! Also, that was probably 1964. I doubt he wants to admit having a student so far back. But, I do remember those day's with a really cool dare I say "fond' memory's. He was honestly cool before both of us knew what it was !

Here,  I am so many years later and still playing hard. I actually became  an accomplished guitar player. Then the double edged sword. The problem of finding other musicians at your level of play.

The point of this site is that you and I are the same. We will keep playing "AND" buying equipment until you or I die.

I designed this site to be for "You and me" or just plain "US" ! This is your site or our site. When companies send equipment it is not to the main public but to we the small people. If you have a chance to become a small time popular band-- people will buy what you are using and these companies make a lot of money with your success. If you know how the game works write these companies when they send something for me to check out--Thank them for taking you and this site seriously. If you write them about where you read an honest review you help all of us "Normal" players. In my opinion you should write and say thank you for helping us the regular guitar buying public and giving a "Darn" about us!!! Just the truth !

For this paragraph ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have been attempting to update this site for on and off for a while. This Company has stuck with me through all the market changes  Finally the guitar market or technology is catching up with where it should be.

They sent me their newest tone multiple. Which has had me at a disadvantage because it is so easy to figure out.

Below is a quote on their site from a Guitarist that was hired by Frank Zappa and David Bowie ! His quote below:


"Yesterday was the day! finally! I was finally able to devote an hour and a half. wow! incredible amount of tones! A bit mind-boggling. I was so engrossed I forgot to take notes, (even though my notepad was right beside me) so I will go through it all again sometime soon. I tend to love the strange tones I could never get before. like #13, #15, and #24, but even the normal tones seemed much better, especially the in-between pickup sounds. I'm so happy to have this! It opens up a lot of doors to sounds I've always wanted to put on records. (and I will!) thank you so much". Adrian Belew (TN)

Now, okay for reals, what they sent was a little and I mean a little chip. Two of them. I have to add a tone pull pot to pinch in to make work. Each of the chips. I have absolutely no doubt on their possibility's. I am still attempting to find the pull pots to attach to these micro-boards.The results are soon to come. I will probably upset them but-- what there products have been before were a blow away situation. My God their tone multiplier was a blow away product. How ever I am used to a piece of metal with some switches and that product had it all. Now I receive two little chips. I swear I am not up on the times.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More too come. I have a couple guitars I can add this too. First a $300 dollar Chinese Gibson S.G. pictured here --- Which has arrived and one heavey M.F. to hang on your shoulder Also S.G copy an Xavier S.G copy(guitar fetish) in white and gold hardware (neck heavy). If you have a problem with guitars that slide forward because of the neck being off balance write me !!!--I have a few new ideas. The Xavier is one heck of a good guitar and I intend to follow their other products.




This site is  our ( AND DAM IT I MEAN THIS)  our site as I see it. For the everyday guitar product buying person. This site is about "all" guitars and guitarist's.  I started building this site in 2008. There is a lot of information. The input of members and readers has been astonishing to say the least. Check the forums page and please add more. Highly entertaining and informative. You input is so important. Also, I am not an "English Major". I am a guitarist. Sometimes my spelling or how I write is not at collegiate levels. I hope you can understand this short coming of mine. So, tell your musician / guitarist friends about this site. The site slowly is becoming

Here is the new news--I just bought another Gibson fake/replica and it surpasses Gibson's usually building quality's. (Maybe not the Custom Shop) The electrics had to be replaced and the hardware- But for three hundred bucks to you front door how can you argue. I really wish GIBSON would write and say get your butt down here and tell us what the heck your talking about. I own well over twenty five thousand dollars in Gibson guitars. I am a Gibson fanatic and This replicas are making me sick with their quality!

   I know more about these replicas than most everyone. If you believe you have a problem contact me.

 An amazing change has happened in the quick link area. Here is what I used to have on here and there was nothing wrong with this. But, times have changed.

This/below is an example that is no longer working but good information for you.This was a paragraph that was in line on this page. As I have written, I am here to say the truth and make you beware of what is going on in the world wide web area. Hopefully I look stupid and you knew this a long time ago.

 Okay old paragraph--  When you click with your mouse on the link this will show on the guitar product manufacturers web-site that a reader from Crazy About Guitars is checking on their product. The


"Remember" as I said this site is for US! If you have any comments or helpful advise Put it on the Forums page. I receive hits from people whom Google for information on guitars/amps/Etc. This leads the person to comments on the forums page. When you put your advise/experience/opinion on the Forums page it really counts as legitimate information. If you have a question? No question is too stupid! Put it on here! That's how we / I learned. The Forums page has turned into a very unique information index. Companies have sent me products to review. When I review a product it takes six months and I put the product through real world playing out and practice situations. Not some guitar magazine review of the month. When you put the money out for an expensive product you want to know how it hold's up and really works with different types of music. That is what I do. I 

Read what I write and save yourself a very expensive mistake. I will write a special page on this one.

 I received the guitar almost a month age The electrics are close to the real thing --  No flaws in the paint. The inlays are mother of pearl. The clear coat is so thick it looks to be an inch thick. Neck is very wide but to a shredder it would be heaven. The bigsby end piece is absolutely perfect if it isn't a copy it is really close.

 On the 1968 Les Paul copy I bought around five years ago and put on one of the pages here.I wrote that it is a dead giveaway as for the thickness of the white trim around the head stock -- No Longer true!  It used to be 3/8ths of an inch thick. Now it is right on with thickness and appearance. Tuning keys say"Grover" and they act like the real thing. Problem is with the Bigsby end piece and the tuning keys I really think those companies are sending the real thing. Has me honestly worried about other products all of us are buying.



Older News

Awesome-Guitars has sent their tone multiplier for review and have kept in touch about how important they believe their product is. The truth: I see is their product is so good it eliminates the want for twenty guitars. I see a lot of guitar manufacturers fight this.

Take a look on the "Reviews of Products & Co." page. Plus They have informed me that there is a product coming which should be a game changer in guitar world. That was my comment two years ago. I have as yet to see this guitar. I have no doubt it is a s good as they say. Just "Where is it?'

I have lost photographs on here due to will take time to heal   Is the most honest Company I have run into to this date 2015


This guitar is now my take to a gig/session if I am not sure what music we will be playing. It covers a heck of a lot of territory with the tone multiplier!!!   Feb --2015


I have a huge amount of information on replica (fake) guitars. Please pay attention --  I in no way endorse the manufacture or selling of these. The information I gathered and provide is to help you from being ripped off buying one. The replica's have come shockingly close to the real thing. I figure if you have the information it may save you the mistake of paying several thousand dollars for a three hundred dollar guitar. This has happened to several of my readers. Talk about a heart break. Recently I noticed a replica Les Paul Supreme up for sale at a local music shop. They were asking twice what one costs on line. I gather it is okay to sell  a replica if you are informed that is what is is. Talk about a double standard. Nothing like being ripped off straight in your face.

2015 July-- Please refer to a couple paragraphs above.--- Thes is nold news.

I have ordered another replica A Les Paul Custom SG. Here are the pictures.  Check out my page on the 1968 Replica Les Paul I ordered five years ago. I own seven Les Pauls. That guitar is my go to guitar. I am going to contact several pick up suppliers about helping out. No doubt the guitar it self will be built to the same specs as Gibson. But the Pots for Volume and Tone will probably be replaced and the capacitors most of all. Her is what is promised.

 I cannot show the face because of advertising. Below is past updates more to come !!!

Update --- March 16th 2014 ---- I check this site everyday. Always trying to keep things edited and fresh here and there. Always paying attention to the forums page. Your experiences are invaluable to other players. Remember how you were when you started playing. There are a lot of young readers clear up to a couple I know that are in their seventies. It never leaves you. An example would be how do you hook up guitar to pre-amps to amplifiers. Your tricks might help a young player or even an older player. Put your thoughts on the forums page. There are a few members I would like to have at a round table discussion with. They have added numerous comments on the forums page over the years.
    If you want an insight too how I think check out my blog page. I try not to interfere with my take on things on the site. Except for the reviews page and maybe a few other places. This web-site is designed not to be about me. The site has come to the point where I have had to put some money into it. I am not below taking any donations. As I have not won the lottery -- Yet! Contact me if your feeling generous. Any donation goes to advertising to get the word out or web site costs.

UPDATE -- June 2013
---- I have been adding a large amount of information on rebuilding cheap guitars and make the instrument have tone and playability of the higher end guitars. Making a pawn shop guitar sound as good as a two thousand dollar guitar. I have had members of my band ask me "How much did you pay for that guitar?" Then shake their head and say "That is truly amazing". So, check out the Reviews of Products and More". I am trying to give out information on what is easy and what can give you a head ache. One of the reasons we do this is for what we get back out of it and/or the work you have put into it. Nothing worse {IMO} than putting in  hours of work into a project guitar then to find out you accomplished very little. If my written  guitar experience works and can help you dodge a few bad plays then "Hooray!" for all of us.
         I am also working on a new page of why I use or have used certain equipment. With my reasoning for doing what I have done.  I have played in a Classic Rock and newer Country style dance band for the last ten years. Playing at local taverns, weddings, out door Motorcycle People style gigs close to every week end for ten years has put my equipment through the real test. Doesn't hurt to look at it and maybe pick up on one of my ideas.

UPDATE: Oct. 2012 -- I am about to do another attempt to make people aware of this site. I am working on new advertising. I make no money off this site. It is all heart and soul and my pocket book. The company I go through that supply's this web-site's format has gone over board on helping me. So much that so that I have been shocked. I bet someone plays the guitar in management. Has too.
   As always stayed tuned. If your not a member please join. The more people the more what this site say's matters.
MORE UPDATE This is for the new readers. I started this site five years ago and try to keep it updated. There is a large amount of information to look after. If you can become a member. It is free. I send out E-mails once in a while. Mainly to remind members to keep adding their thoughts to the forums page. Which is a great area for information and humor. I hope you enjoy this site and want to join. I have put a lot of heart and soul into this and have been rewarded with some really cool E-mails to me. Thanks to all that have taken the time to write. Good and bad.

I started this site Nov. 26, 2008. As of Christmas Day Dec. 25, 2008.
I have not regretted one-second of starting this site. In fact I wish I had done this years ago. This is in thanks to all the readers and members whom have told me to keep up the good work.

                            I will not let these people down!

BTW--Thanks again, to all of you that have E-mailed me with compliments about this web-site. Your E-mails help keep me on track and really centered. That I really have helped the guitar community. [11-30-2010]  I may never make the obituary section in any of the guitar magazines --but --  I personally feel I have helped the guitar community and have made a difference. That is why I push you readers to take action. You should get a really great feeling knowing your helping other players. If you have a point of view put it on the "Forums" page.

       December 2013 -- This is important!   I look at this site several times a day. Some articles are getting older but still relevant. If a music company sends me a product for review--this means they understand that this site is read by the everyday consumer [you].  I really suggest you let them know your appreciation for helping us on this web-site. If you don't E-mail or call them they have no idea you are paying attention. Another way is to click on any link provided on this site.  This will show up on there information page as coming from this site. If you think the product is terrible still let them know how they are helping the music/guitar community by paying attention to this site.. Taking any action is only going to help you and us. This is one cause that what you do can honestly  make a difference. For once your opinion can make a real difference. All I did was to provide a platform or a guide line to help you take action.





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